What You Smilin for Hateful Black Man?

You killed 2 white people and you smile for your mug shot? I want to see how you smile for those ‘bubbas’ you are going to share a cell with. This hate filled violent black man killed two white people in cold blood and for no apparent reason other than the usual “get whitey”.

Rickisha Hawkins, who works at the hotel’s front desk, said there were problems with 37-year-old Kelvin Coleman, whom the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said has a violent history. Hawkins said they called 911 earlier in the day because Coleman threatened them, but deputies did not arrest Coleman. In a statement, Capt. James Pogue with the sheriff’s office said, “Three seasoned officers responded to the initial disturbance and there was no probably cause to make an arrest.”

Seasoned Officers? Probably means black police officer letting a ‘brotha’ off the hook so he can go on with the business of “kill whitey”.

Couple shot and killed while working at a Vacation Host Inn

Kelvin Coleman




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