Hate Filled Darrell Dennis Killed a White Boy; Will Stand Trial

Black Devil Darrell Dennis killed a young white man back in May and has pled “Not Guilty” (also known as “Ah dint do nuffins”). That means he will have to stand trial with guilt to be decided by jury. Oh how I would love to sit on that jury. Hopefully they will seek the death penalty and put this hate filled beast 6 feet under. Or at least keep it caged up for the rest of its life.

Pulaski County prosecutor Larry Jegley says his office hasn’t decided whether they’ll seek the death penalty. He says they will make that decision later after discussing it with Abrams’ family.

What about hate crime charges? Where is the uproar? All I hear is silence on the subject of the race issue here.

Darrell Dennis pleads not guilty in Forrest Abrams’ murder

arrell Dennis hate crime


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