Hate Filled Black Mona Nelson Tortured White Boy with Blow Torch

Why was this not a hate crime? All whites should be asking that question by now. But how can they? The news keeps this kind of thing silent. It is getting obvious that the hate filled black crimes against whites are accelerating and the media is continuing to ignore them. This story didn’t even make the news in Houston where it took place.

As for that hate filled whore Mona Nelson; she is a member of the hate filled “Black Panther” party that wants to exterminate white people. Wake up whites! Don’t let your children play with or go near blacks. This is what is likely to happen to them.

Mona Nelson, 44, tortured a white child to death with a blowtorch before dumping his little body in a ditch in northeast Houston on Christmas Eve, 2010.

Good God, look at the ugly beast! She looks like a man. Must have scared at poor boy to death before he died at her evil hands.

Racist Mona Nelson Tortured White Boy with Blow Torch

Mona Nelson


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