Black Devil Miriam Carey Death By Cop

A happy ending! A hate filled black devil was killed by police. Always gives me a nice feeling when that happens. In this case, a loony black devil. Oh wait, all blacks are looney.

Law enforcement officers have confirmed the identity of the woman shot by police outside the Capitol building on Thursday. The woman who attempted to drive through White House barriers and set off a Capitol Hill police chase was identified as 34-year-old Miriam Carey of Stamford, Conn.

And of course we get the relative who says “she was such a good devil”

The suspect’s sister, Amy Carey, was in disbelief when she told The Washington Post, “That’s impossible. She works, she holds a job.”

Yeah right Lamey, just because the devil had an affirmative action job that makes her innocent. Oh and look at the liberals and black devils commenting with the ‘boo hoo’ ‘waaaa’. Too bad.

Crazy Black Devil Revealed


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