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No We Certainly DO NOT need another Black Devil President

Another case of get whitey, a white guy merely spoke the truth “we don’t need another black president”. If the races were reversed? Well once again, we see the double standard of the black devil. Of course no one would say a word about it. Piss off NAACP. The facts support the statement. Black devil Barack Obama has been an enormous failure. You just can’t put black devils in charge of anything. Period.. end of discussion.

A suburban Cincinnati teacher, suspended indefinitely without pay a week ago after making racially insensitive remarks, has not yet requested a hearing to contest the matter, and the head of the Cincinnati NAACP said Monday that he’s very interested in the outcome.

We DO NOT need another black president.


4 Black Devils kill Jew and It’s not a Hate Crime

Of course it’s never a hate crime when black devils are the perps. Then it’s only “random” violence. In this case the “white” person that got killed was a jew. I have mixed feelings about that; jews are the biggest enablers of black devils and it’s poetic justice when one of them gets it. Those black devils don’t care if the white person is jewish or otherwise. All they see is white skin and they kill! This is yet another example of why hate crime laws are unconstitutional. They are only applied to white people. Any law that singles out a race is illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional. End of discussion. And thanks to NJ not having a death penalty, these devils will not have to pay for their crime.

4 Black Devils Kill Jew

Black Devil Miriam Carey Death By Cop

A happy ending! A hate filled black devil was killed by police. Always gives me a nice feeling when that happens. In this case, a loony black devil. Oh wait, all blacks are looney.

Law enforcement officers have confirmed the identity of the woman shot by police outside the Capitol building on Thursday. The woman who attempted to drive through White House barriers and set off a Capitol Hill police chase was identified as 34-year-old Miriam Carey of Stamford, Conn.

And of course we get the relative who says “she was such a good devil”

The suspect’s sister, Amy Carey, was in disbelief when she told The Washington Post, “That’s impossible. She works, she holds a job.”

Yeah right Lamey, just because the devil had an affirmative action job that makes her innocent. Oh and look at the liberals and black devils commenting with the ‘boo hoo’ ‘waaaa’. Too bad.

Crazy Black Devil Revealed

Hiccup Girl got Hung out to Dry with Black Devils

Hiccup Whore Jennifer Mee and her two black devil friends are going to hell. Black devil LaRon Raiford and black devil Lamont Newton murdered a Wal-mart worker and of course the mainstream media is doing all they can to avoid placing the obvious blame where it belongs. The victim, Shannon Griffin was a black devil too and he was murdered by these two violent black devils. Apparently Hiccup Whore was only along for the ride. This goes to show what happens when you hang out with black devils – you either die or get a nice big fat life sentence. I hope you enjoy your life sentence you whore. And one of the black devils has already been sentenced to life without parole while the other one awaits. What happened to the death penalty in Florida? Why are these black devils going to sit in prison? And of course “it’s racist” that the prisons are so full of black devils. At least that is what liberals would have us believe. None of us are safe until all the black devils are behind bars or killed in self defense.

Fla. ‘hiccup girl’ guilty of 1st degree murder

She must have had crappy lawyers; I would bet she wins an appeal at some point. In the meantime; cry us a river!

Black Gangs must be Wiped Out as Terrorists

Black gangs = domestic terrorists. And the government will not do anything about it in spite of the most recent gang violence in Chicago. Right where that hate filled Obama called “home” …haha you hate filled black devil. It is not clear whether there are any white victims but it seems to be mostly blacks wiping out each other (which is good news). But sooner or later, non blacks will be caught in their black devil gang wars.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said an assault style rifle with a high capacity magazine was used in the park shooting. McCarthy added that based on witness interviews, the attack appears to be gang-related, as several of the victims are gang members. It is still unclear whether more than one person opened fire, he said. No one was in custody for the shooting as of Sunday morning.

IOW, they don’t know what to do. How about bringing int the National Guard to wipe out those black devil gangs?

5 Dead, 18 Wounded as Chicago Black Violence Rages On