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4 Black Devils kill Jew and It’s not a Hate Crime

Of course it’s never a hate crime when black devils are the perps. Then it’s only “random” violence. In this case the “white” person that got killed was a jew. I have mixed feelings about that; jews are the biggest enablers of black devils and it’s poetic justice when one of them gets it. Those black devils don’t care if the white person is jewish or otherwise. All they see is white skin and they kill! This is yet another example of why hate crime laws are unconstitutional. They are only applied to white people. Any law that singles out a race is illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional. End of discussion. And thanks to NJ not having a death penalty, these devils will not have to pay for their crime.

4 Black Devils Kill Jew


Hateful Black Man Kills White Man, Seattle Times hides it

Piss off Dominic Gates you hateful liberal bigot. You authored this “article” and left out the fact that this attacker was a black devil. That makes this a hate crime. But like most liberal news outlets (and I use the word “news” figuratively), they hide the truth when the perp is a black man. Sorry Dominic Gates you fuck, but I am exposing your lie right now. The first clue was “diminished capacity”. All black are operating that that level. Then I found the photo with the hate filled black devil on the ground. And there is no name, just the usual “alleged blah blah..” You are exposed Dominic Gates, you fucking whimp.

Liberal biased Article

Here is the “alleged”. Of course the dead white man was probably a liberal fool as well; walking around a dangerous place at night thinking nothing will happen with all those evil black devils about. Hmmmph. Too bad fool.

Hateful Black Devil Mychal King Kills White man due to ‘bad day’

Here is yet another case of “random violence”. This black devil was having a bad day and just decided to kill the first person he saw. And of course, the “first person” happened to be white. Imagine that?

On Thursday, Clearwater Police arrested 16-year-old Mychal King for the alleged murder of Jason Taylor Paul. According to police, King admitted to killing Paul because he had a hard day and “just wanted to kill the first person he saw.” Paul was riding his bike home late when he was stabbed to death in January. He was 22-years old, working two jobs and saving to go to school to become a veterinary technician.

Hateful Black Devil Mychal King Kills White man due to ‘bad day’

black devil Mychal King

Murderer of Whites Javonte Higgins Stalls his Trial

Another variation of the “Ah dint do nuffins” is the “Ah beez crayzee” defense. The problem is that all blacks are crazy or near crazy so it’s easy for them to use that crutch. In case you don’t know who this beast is, he killed a while couple in their 80’s while robbing them.

The attorney for Javonte Higgins, the 22-year-old accused of killing an elderly Kentwood couple in January, is expected to seek more psychological testing for his client.

Stall tactics, that is all, while they think of something. Oh and what? No hate crime charges? Imagine that.

Suspect in Kentwood double homicide to seek ‘criminal responsibility’ test

Javonte Higgins