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Islam is a Hate Group

Every 9/11 we should remind ourselves that Islam is a one large hate group. Do not buy into that “religion of peace” business. How dare those hate filled Moozlims even suggest their cult is a “religion of peace” after what happened at 9/11. The big shame is how liberals have allowed them to run amok and build their temples of hate right in the middle of our cities. And of course the blacks flock to them like flies on shit. Since blacks are naturally hateful, they are naturally drawn to Islam.

Islam is a big fraud. Well you can make that argument about any religion because none of them can be proven. But in the case of Islam, it is the most suspect of the the world’s religions because it was “invented” in the 800’s by a crazy Arab (who raped young woman in the name of Allah). Islam = religion of hate, rape, and violence.

Happy 9/11 you hate filled muslims! Don’t think we’re buying into you religion of peace BS.