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Hateful Black Man Kills White Man, Seattle Times hides it

Piss off Dominic Gates you hateful liberal bigot. You authored this “article” and left out the fact that this attacker was a black devil. That makes this a hate crime. But like most liberal news outlets (and I use the word “news” figuratively), they hide the truth when the perp is a black man. Sorry Dominic Gates you fuck, but I am exposing your lie right now. The first clue was “diminished capacity”. All black are operating that that level. Then I found the photo with the hate filled black devil on the ground. And there is no name, just the usual “alleged blah blah..” You are exposed Dominic Gates, you fucking whimp.

Liberal biased Article

Here is the “alleged”. Of course the dead white man was probably a liberal fool as well; walking around a dangerous place at night thinking nothing will happen with all those evil black devils about. Hmmmph. Too bad fool.


Another “Random Violence” by Black Thugs against Whites

Why is it that whenever hateful blacks chimp out on white people it’s “random”? Turn the tables and of course it’s ‘racyss’. Meanwhile the MSM continues to lie to white people about the true violent nature of blacks and their agenda against white people.

A couple searching for their car in the French Quarter early one morning were beaten by a group of men in an apparent act of random violence, and police on Tuesday were asking for the public’s help in finding the three attackers.

Police looking for three Hateful Black men in brutal French Quarter beating of couple

Hateful Blacks

Another Hate Crime by 3 Violent Blacks; Another Attempted Coverup by the Media

Let’s see, 3 blacks attack one lone white. And it’s “robbery”? Yeah right. Whites all need to start carrying around blacks. Do not be deterred by the Zimmerman mess. What Zimmerman did was right; he defended himself against a hate filled black who was just like these 3. It’s too bad this white kid didn’t strike back and send these 3 animals to the grave.

On August 12 Mario Patterson, Dondre Johnson, and Jerrica Norfleet shot and killed 27 year old nurse David Santucci in Memphis, Tennessee. Police are calling it a failed robbery but others are suggesting that Santucci was killed in revenge for Trayvon Martin.

These hate filled blacks had a Facebook page (now taken down imagine that!) that had a lot of references to Zimmerman so this was another Zimmerman revenge killing. There is no doubt.

Was There A Trayvon Martin Revenge Killing In Memphis?

3 Racist Blacks

Hate Filled Black Mona Nelson Tortured White Boy with Blow Torch

Why was this not a hate crime? All whites should be asking that question by now. But how can they? The news keeps this kind of thing silent. It is getting obvious that the hate filled black crimes against whites are accelerating and the media is continuing to ignore them. This story didn’t even make the news in Houston where it took place.

As for that hate filled whore Mona Nelson; she is a member of the hate filled “Black Panther” party that wants to exterminate white people. Wake up whites! Don’t let your children play with or go near blacks. This is what is likely to happen to them.

Mona Nelson, 44, tortured a white child to death with a blowtorch before dumping his little body in a ditch in northeast Houston on Christmas Eve, 2010.

Good God, look at the ugly beast! She looks like a man. Must have scared at poor boy to death before he died at her evil hands.

Racist Mona Nelson Tortured White Boy with Blow Torch

Mona Nelson

Ugly Black Swine Tyrone Woodfork kills Old White Couple

Look at that ugly black swine! Jesus I mean all blacks are ugly but this one really got the short end of the ugly stick, didn’t he?

Tulsa Police have named 20-year-old Tyrone Woodfork the principal suspect in the case. He was booked into the Tulsa County Jail and faces several charges, including first-degree murder for the death of Nancy Strait.

Good news! Oklahoma has a death penalty and I would love to sit on this jury. Oh yes and he raped the old woman too! Never too old to be raped by a black man! Oh and once again the Facebook community seems to be wide awake.

Tyrone Woodfork hate crime

Tyrone Woodfork murderer

Black Animal Tyrek Rogers Kills Old White Woman; Media Ignores Hate Crime

This old woman (who was white) was murdered by a black animal and the news is once again pretending that there is not a problem with the behavior of black people (particularly black males). However I found a mug shot even though the chicken shit NBC New York “news” outlet is afraid to show it. I will however borrow their copy and show that hate filled black animal.

Jovan Tyrek Rogers, 20, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and robbery in connection with the death of Fannie Gumbinger, whose body was discovered in her Poughkeepsie home, according to police. Gumbinger was just shy of her 100th birthday.

Unfortunately New York has no death penalty to dole out to this animal. At least they may put it in a cage for the rest of its life.

Violent Jovan Tyrek Rogers

Jovan Tyrek Rogers

Black Thugs Douse Someone with Gasoline and Set him on Fire

There is no indication of what color the burnt man is but he is black now thanks to these to hate filled animals. If the victim was white, that would explain the lack of media reporting on it. But this appears to be a black neighborhood. One of those nice “hoods”.

A Memphis man remains in the hospital at the burn unit after police say he was set on fire. Authorities identified two suspects wanted for the crime.

These two are still on the loose and need to be caged up so call in if you see them. The Facebook comments are priceless!

Black Thugs Douse Someone with Gasoline and Set him on Fire

Robert Glasper, Renard King