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Hiccup Girl got Hung out to Dry with Black Devils

Hiccup Whore Jennifer Mee and her two black devil friends are going to hell. Black devil LaRon Raiford and black devil Lamont Newton murdered a Wal-mart worker and of course the mainstream media is doing all they can to avoid placing the obvious blame where it belongs. The victim, Shannon Griffin was a black devil too and he was murdered by these two violent black devils. Apparently Hiccup Whore was only along for the ride. This goes to show what happens when you hang out with black devils – you either die or get a nice big fat life sentence. I hope you enjoy your life sentence you whore. And one of the black devils has already been sentenced to life without parole while the other one awaits. What happened to the death penalty in Florida? Why are these black devils going to sit in prison? And of course “it’s racist” that the prisons are so full of black devils. At least that is what liberals would have us believe. None of us are safe until all the black devils are behind bars or killed in self defense.

Fla. ‘hiccup girl’ guilty of 1st degree murder

She must have had crappy lawyers; I would bet she wins an appeal at some point. In the meantime; cry us a river!


Another Hate Crime by 3 Violent Blacks; Another Attempted Coverup by the Media

Let’s see, 3 blacks attack one lone white. And it’s “robbery”? Yeah right. Whites all need to start carrying around blacks. Do not be deterred by the Zimmerman mess. What Zimmerman did was right; he defended himself against a hate filled black who was just like these 3. It’s too bad this white kid didn’t strike back and send these 3 animals to the grave.

On August 12 Mario Patterson, Dondre Johnson, and Jerrica Norfleet shot and killed 27 year old nurse David Santucci in Memphis, Tennessee. Police are calling it a failed robbery but others are suggesting that Santucci was killed in revenge for Trayvon Martin.

These hate filled blacks had a Facebook page (now taken down imagine that!) that had a lot of references to Zimmerman so this was another Zimmerman revenge killing. There is no doubt.

Was There A Trayvon Martin Revenge Killing In Memphis?

3 Racist Blacks