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Another Hate Crime by Dead Aaron Alexis and Black Accomplice

At there is good news. This evil black bastard was blasted full of holes. Hate filled Aaron Alexis ; what is that sound? Is that Aaron Alexis screaming from Hell? Anyway, there is one other hate filled black devil on the loose. No picture yet. Here is the dead black devil.

Black Devil

The man accused of killing 12 people in a gun rampage at the Washington Navy Yard was described by mystified friends and family as a Buddhist and Thai speaker who, in the words of one friend, “could not be the shooter.”

Yeah yeah, the usual “he beez a good boy” again.

Alexis’ military service appears to have been unremarkable: He was given the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, two awards of relatively minor distinction, before his discharge. The spokeswoman had no other details on the grounds for his discharge.

In other words, he was a lazy black man in the military. The military is filled with lazy blacks.

Alleged Washington shooter served as Navy reservist, may have recently lost job


What You Smilin for Hateful Black Man?

You killed 2 white people and you smile for your mug shot? I want to see how you smile for those ‘bubbas’ you are going to share a cell with. This hate filled violent black man killed two white people in cold blood and for no apparent reason other than the usual “get whitey”.

Rickisha Hawkins, who works at the hotel’s front desk, said there were problems with 37-year-old Kelvin Coleman, whom the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said has a violent history. Hawkins said they called 911 earlier in the day because Coleman threatened them, but deputies did not arrest Coleman. In a statement, Capt. James Pogue with the sheriff’s office said, “Three seasoned officers responded to the initial disturbance and there was no probably cause to make an arrest.”

Seasoned Officers? Probably means black police officer letting a ‘brotha’ off the hook so he can go on with the business of “kill whitey”.

Couple shot and killed while working at a Vacation Host Inn

Kelvin Coleman



Two Hate Filled Blacks Indicted on 2 White Murders

These 2 hate filled blacks got indicted for a “mysterious” double homicide back in January. A middle aged white couple were murdered in their home by these two and NO “allegedly” about it. So where at the hate crime charges? Oh where o where are they? Clearly they went to rob the house and then said “oh look 2 whiteys let’s off em”. It shouldn’t take a jury to determine that.

Two people were indicted on murder charges during this week’s Caddo Parish grand jury session, the prosecuting attorney’s office announced on Friday.

Caddo grand jury indicts 2 on murder charges

Farris and Smith