As Expected ObamaCare is an Epic Fail

This is what happens when you elect a black devil as president. He cooks up some lame stunt and implements it and all the liberals go WOOO look how nice this is. Until it comes time to implement. Stupid black devil worshipers. Most of the sites don’t even work and that is with low traffic. Hahahaha. And of course the prices for health care plans are beyond what most people can afford (as expected). Like people who are out of work or work for a place that can’t provide health insurance are going to be able to shell out $200+ per month on a lame plan. And of course the devil worshiping media keeps blaming the GOP for the government shutdown. In fact Obamacare is to blame for that shutdown; not the GOP.

Lame Health Care Exchanges


Hiccup Girl got Hung out to Dry with Black Devils

Hiccup Whore Jennifer Mee and her two black devil friends are going to hell. Black devil LaRon Raiford and black devil Lamont Newton murdered a Wal-mart worker and of course the mainstream media is doing all they can to avoid placing the obvious blame where it belongs. The victim, Shannon Griffin was a black devil too and he was murdered by these two violent black devils. Apparently Hiccup Whore was only along for the ride. This goes to show what happens when you hang out with black devils – you either die or get a nice big fat life sentence. I hope you enjoy your life sentence you whore. And one of the black devils has already been sentenced to life without parole while the other one awaits. What happened to the death penalty in Florida? Why are these black devils going to sit in prison? And of course “it’s racist” that the prisons are so full of black devils. At least that is what liberals would have us believe. None of us are safe until all the black devils are behind bars or killed in self defense.

Fla. ‘hiccup girl’ guilty of 1st degree murder

She must have had crappy lawyers; I would bet she wins an appeal at some point. In the meantime; cry us a river!

Black Gangs must be Wiped Out as Terrorists

Black gangs = domestic terrorists. And the government will not do anything about it in spite of the most recent gang violence in Chicago. Right where that hate filled Obama called “home” …haha you hate filled black devil. It is not clear whether there are any white victims but it seems to be mostly blacks wiping out each other (which is good news). But sooner or later, non blacks will be caught in their black devil gang wars.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said an assault style rifle with a high capacity magazine was used in the park shooting. McCarthy added that based on witness interviews, the attack appears to be gang-related, as several of the victims are gang members. It is still unclear whether more than one person opened fire, he said. No one was in custody for the shooting as of Sunday morning.

IOW, they don’t know what to do. How about bringing int the National Guard to wipe out those black devil gangs?

5 Dead, 18 Wounded as Chicago Black Violence Rages On

Hateful Black Man Kills White Man, Seattle Times hides it

Piss off Dominic Gates you hateful liberal bigot. You authored this “article” and left out the fact that this attacker was a black devil. That makes this a hate crime. But like most liberal news outlets (and I use the word “news” figuratively), they hide the truth when the perp is a black man. Sorry Dominic Gates you fuck, but I am exposing your lie right now. The first clue was “diminished capacity”. All black are operating that that level. Then I found the photo with the hate filled black devil on the ground. And there is no name, just the usual “alleged blah blah..” You are exposed Dominic Gates, you fucking whimp.

Liberal biased Article

Here is the “alleged”. Of course the dead white man was probably a liberal fool as well; walking around a dangerous place at night thinking nothing will happen with all those evil black devils about. Hmmmph. Too bad fool.

Another Hate Crime by Dead Aaron Alexis and Black Accomplice

At there is good news. This evil black bastard was blasted full of holes. Hate filled Aaron Alexis ; what is that sound? Is that Aaron Alexis screaming from Hell? Anyway, there is one other hate filled black devil on the loose. No picture yet. Here is the dead black devil.

Black Devil

The man accused of killing 12 people in a gun rampage at the Washington Navy Yard was described by mystified friends and family as a Buddhist and Thai speaker who, in the words of one friend, “could not be the shooter.”

Yeah yeah, the usual “he beez a good boy” again.

Alexis’ military service appears to have been unremarkable: He was given the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, two awards of relatively minor distinction, before his discharge. The spokeswoman had no other details on the grounds for his discharge.

In other words, he was a lazy black man in the military. The military is filled with lazy blacks.

Alleged Washington shooter served as Navy reservist, may have recently lost job

Islam is a Hate Group

Every 9/11 we should remind ourselves that Islam is a one large hate group. Do not buy into that “religion of peace” business. How dare those hate filled Moozlims even suggest their cult is a “religion of peace” after what happened at 9/11. The big shame is how liberals have allowed them to run amok and build their temples of hate right in the middle of our cities. And of course the blacks flock to them like flies on shit. Since blacks are naturally hateful, they are naturally drawn to Islam.

Islam is a big fraud. Well you can make that argument about any religion because none of them can be proven. But in the case of Islam, it is the most suspect of the the world’s religions because it was “invented” in the 800’s by a crazy Arab (who raped young woman in the name of Allah). Islam = religion of hate, rape, and violence.

Happy 9/11 you hate filled muslims! Don’t think we’re buying into you religion of peace BS.